State of the Art

DW 999
Ultra Definition
Dual Monaural


 Extremely Low Distortion
 Well under.001 %

 Wide Frequency Response
 5 Hz to beyond 600 kHz

 Fast Rise Time
 Well under 1 usecond

 Very Low Noise
 72 dB typical

 Very High Overload Level
 2 volts out @ 1 kHz and gain 34 dB

 Isolated Channels
 Separate ground systems

         The DW 999 Pre-preamplifier represents the first product In the Dayton Wright Product Line to be built to a completely revised set of design and engineering standards.  The proven parallel bootstrapped cascode Input stage developed by Dayton Wright In 1970 Is tracked to a second complimentary cascode stage such that their combined distortion is reduced.  Coupled with a low impedance output stage and low impedance feedback loop as well as three stages of voltage regulation operating from independent channel-power supplies, this design offers unparalleled definition together with musicality and transparency.

        Because of its unusual input configuration, the DW 999 pre-preamplifier will operate with source impedance’s as low as one-quarter of an ohm with complete stability.  The cartridge loading Is switch selectable; this, together with the addition of a user-installable (using diode-clips) load resistor, will allow virtually any moving coil cartridge load to be matched.

        The preamplifier operates on 90 to 130 volts 50/60 Hz, and provision ismadefor220/240 volt operation as well. The power module houses twin supplies (one for each channel) connected to the pre-preamplifier unit with a three-foot cable and a "D" type connector.

        Because of the uncompromising nature of the pre-preamplifier, it is supplied ONLY with BNC type connectors for Input and output.  Four matching BNC cable connectors are supplied with each unit for attachment to the cables used by the purchaser.  Instructions are included for this process as is a complete owner's manual including schematics and circuit board component layout.

        The DW 999 pre-preamplifier is built on a double-sided glass-epoxy circuit board selectively coated with solder resist on both sides and marked with both component values and numeric identification.  This Is housed in a welded heavy gauge aluminum enclosure which has been hard anodized a dark bronze color and labeled with a durable epoxy.  The input and output connectors for each channel are separated, and individual channel as well as case grounds are provided.  The output level controls as well as the cartridge load selector switches are accessed from the panel as well.

        When removed from the case, the entire circuit board is exposed for inspection.  The unit is designed to be left on continuously if preferred.


 INPUT:         CartridgeTermination 500 ohm and below in several steps -
                         user may install any desired resistor in clips
                         Sensitivity 50 uV for 2.5 mV output
                         Overload 40 uV for 2 volts @ 1 kHz

 GENERAL:     Distortion <(O.001 % THD 10-20,000 Hz for 500 uV input
                         Frequency Response Plus/minus 1 dB 10-100,000 Hz
                         VoltageGain(max.) 34 dB (output level adjustment)

 PHYSICAL:    Dimensions(mainunit)            2.95 cm (1.6 in.) height
                                                                      17.17 cm (6.76 in.) wide
                                                                      34.3 cm (1 3.5 in.) deep

                          Weight                               2.4 kg (5.25 lbs.)

                          Finish                   Dark bronze hard anodized

Prices and Specifications are subject to periodic revision without notice.


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(416) 884-8586

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