Mark 11's
Error Control ESL's

XG-10 Mark 11 E.C.

 A Fifth Generation Electrostatic
 Loudspeaker using an error
 correction type of Drive.

For the first time, the full
potential of the ELS transducers
can be realised through the use
of a new Error-Correction drive

Increased Efficiency

Wide Frequency Response

Hermetically Sealed Construction

Matching Transformer unit incorporated
in base of speaker system.

Representing a totally new approach to driving electrostatic elements, this design compensates for the distortion present in the impedance matching units, as well as allowing the system to be drive over a very wide range.  Two power amplifiers are necessary, one being used to compensate for any errors in the other as well as any transformer error.

A remote unit, allows the set-up and calibration of the driving amplifiers using a self-contained oscillator and test circuit.

This unit may be located 25 feet away from the speaker system and is powered by the speakers.

In use, the Preamplifier feeds into this unit, the two power amplifier outputs being derived in the unit via RCA type jacks, 5 way binding posts Lower Distortion are used to re-connect the power amplifier output to the remote unit.  The remote unit plugs into the rear of both speakers.

The speakers are finished in Black fabric and Rosewood, and may be identified by the 6 inch high sub chassis under the main speaker enclosure.

Size: Aprox 117 cm (46 ins) high by 104.14 cm (41 ins) wide by 25.4 cm (10 ins) front to back.  Remote unit 22.9 cm (9 ins) x 15.24 cm (6 ins) x 3.8 cm (1 1/2 ins)

Weight: Approx 37.2 kilograms (82 lbs) each.  Remote unit 4.99 kilograms (11 lbs) with cables

Frequency Response: 34 Hz to 18 kHz + 3 dB

Distortion: Amplifier Dependant, typically under .05% in midrange.

Impedance: About 5 ohms.

Amplifier required: Main Amplifier, approx 100 watts/channel Class B or Class AB Error Correction, approx 100 to 150 watts/channel Class A or Class AB.

Speaker Power Handling Capacity: Main Amplifier 300 watts music
Error Correction approx 550 watts music.

A.C. Power: Under 5 watts per speaker, 120 Volts 60 Hz, or 220-240 Volts 50 Hz on export model (specify).


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