When Working at MIT:

My fiest employment began when I had  part time job with Bill Blackstock at thermal shock labs.
they using a Shereling shock setup, and supersonic large scale tests on wings; by using a
Consolidated Electronics type multiple galvanometer recorder. It had a 40 outputs that were recorded onto
film cassette,

(I had puchased one in Minaki that was part of a war surplus aerial camera setup).

This was employed at MIT for recording the strain gauge stresses on supersonic wing structures.

(When I started to work at At Anderson Power Products I was able to purchased the same setup for 90%
of the obsolete installation for $250).

Jumping bacwards in time I got a job hauling ‘dry ice’ to the non fissionable reactor core.

Then I got a job in MIT’s Music Library where Dr. Bose was installing a distributed source array.
However to me it I sounded awful. I found out why! He had used Class ‘B’ power amplifiers.
The obvious cure was to alter the bias to get rid of the terrible distortion.

Then I found that the switches didn’t work – they were about 25 inches above the equalizer controls with
flexible speedometer type of connections. But the ‘detents’ were on the power amlifier chassis;
the backlash was terrible, the switches could never work the way that they were intended.

So I had to preset the settings and pray that I might work well enough so that I might not loose my job.

Then by accident I found out that Dr. Bose was buy up Heathkit Preamplifiers and shipping them down to Bud Fried at City Line Electronics in Philadelphia to have them converted. I then found out that Dr. Bose was hiring MIT students to  make the cabinets – and he had bought out the remaking stock of ------ another small speaker MFG.

So much for Dr. Bose’s design engineering competence. Years later Dr. Bose attemped to patent the 'Graphic Equaliser'
however wirt the assistance of Dr. Dave Klepper and some old friends in the Audio Engineerig Society we got Dr. Bose's patent
application thrown out. It had been used in the 1930's for sound track equalization! 

I next got a job with Dr. Lyons – a Professor of Food Technology at MIT. He suggested that I should select a R&D item – and follow it though to the end. I selected Zinc as I wondered if ‘boles’ on trees might have some sort of link to ‘cancerous-like’ thing in the same area.

It seemed to be a long shot. But  there was some sort of link; where the level of Zinc was very low, ‘boles’ were abundant. There might be some sort of link to cancer in women. It seemed to be too easy!

However the results seemed to be beyond belief. Dr. Lyons was terribly apprehensive – he sounded out some of his associates, The results were very negative, so only one English Nurses Journal would publish it.

It might need some additional reinforcement from some other Vitamin to make it more effictive. Could a combination of Magnesium
and Vitamin B12 be the key?

I had to portion my time as I was doing some part time R&D work. For an example I posed a question  as to how a snake cound
climb a tree? The answer would demontrate the capacity for 'creative thinking'.

When I got involded in audio, I and BobTucker worked part time for a company on Newberry Street in Boston called "Listening Post".
We had access to the WGBH 'feed on "Great Blue Hill" south of Boston. We often were able to 'tap into the broadcast.

We had acess to B&O ribbon microphones that were imported from Denmark. We were about to close the store when a girl fom "Boston University" came into the store asking 'just how much it would cost to rent a 'Wanlensac Tape Recorder'. She offered to play her guitar
for us. Bob and I were very imprressed!  She said that she had gone to "Jon Thonton of WGBH" and was brushed off. He said that prehaps he might listen to a "professionally recorded" audition tape. Other wise she was just wasting his time. Bob and I knew  that
he was a bit of a supercilious bastard. So we decided to "make a professionally recorded audition tape". I had access to the Ampex stereo recoder at MIT.

So we decided to call Jon Thonton's bluff. The next day we set up the Ampex machine and recoded three and a half hours of her music.
I took us two days to edit the tape until we were satified. We made four copies. Then she gave one to Jon Thonton. He decided to play
one 'cut' on the air. Listeners began to call in right away so he began to play more of it until his time was up.
Somewon was very impressed and he was able to 'book he into "Club 47" in Cambridge. I was there that "Jone Byes" started!

When Leigh Industries took over Dayton Wright Ltd., I was paid about $ I had enough money to pushase an aircraft.
Now I decided to purcase a Cessa 182 (CF-GKE). It took unil Christmas that year to pass my "Private Pilots Licence".
Somebody in the United States had been following my new company so Roger Isle and Charley Zuruosky followed the "Oskar Meyer Wenermobile" up to Montreal. We had to take them up to call on Dick Thomas at his "camp". I had been dealing with Dick Thomas and Don Denova for several years..

The two first met at an old "chicken ranch" on the West Side" of the Hudson River below Saugerties where the propieter
stored a hell of a lot of war surplus test equipment, no matter that it reaked of chicken droppings! A bargan was still a bargan; and
as the prices were very low so the two of them would argue for hours! the result was that Roger Isle was a good friend of Les Paul.The concquences were that on many time that I flew down to "Ramapo Valley Air Park adjacent to the town of "Spring Valley" , Roger and Charley woud pick me up and I would stay at a hotel in the area. Rogers father was Ed Isele (Who set up Con Edison) by algomating a host of then unprofitable smaller corporations.

The family lived in a "French Style Chateau with many acress of land. Rogers father was wealthy and Roger had "Myatenia Gravis".His medication had some serious side effects such as sudden bursts of perspiration.

When Ed Isele sold his estate, Roger and Charley decied to move to Worcester, Massachusetts. They opened an
Audio store on the second floor of an old mill building, their warehouse was on the top floor.
They decided to sandblast the paint off of the brick walls. After it was finished  they found it was a
white lead based paint.

So Roger and Charley moved  back to "Upper Saddle River", New Jersey. Roger began
building a "Guest Bedroom in the basement. I was able to "Bunk down", there whanever I was able to visit.

However I never knew that Ed Isele began to charge of most of Roger's exepenses to the Dayton Wright Group Ltd.,
without my prior agreement.
So it never showed up on my corporate books. The result was that when my auditor did the reconciliation on
the coporations books (Dayton Wright Group Ltd.) they balaced.
However an unexpeted 'glitch' happened. I had retained an accounting company
to ensure that the accounts balanced. This was a suggesion based on freeing me up to concentrate
on the develoment of marketable products.

I chose an "Accounting company named "Cagen Accounting" that was a 'Numbered' corporation. For several years I received a montly balance sheet on the second week after the end of the month.
Part of this worked well until Cassels Brock took over by setting up a new Public Corporation "D. W. Electochemicals Ltd".
I didn't realise this until the Patent was then assigned to "D. W. Electochemicals Ltd".

(Don Hewson was my personal patent officer for 15 years; therefore it wasa very serious conflict of interest);
that  was heightened when we found out that the patents had expired. Thank heavens that one of our clients
pointed  this out to us in the 'nick of time'. So I called Don and rised hell; his excuse was that he was
not responsible as Cassel, Brock had severed relationships with him.
But Bruce McNeely had never told us.

Bruce McNeely had set up three  R&D based 'entities' two of whitch seemed doomed to fail within
a couple of years; these two had rised over two million dollars each.
One was an underwater development corpoation where
it's vessel had been moved to the West Coast of South America for outfitting.
The second R&D entity was suppoedly based on the cultivation of some sort of high yeild crop.
It too failed.
We were obvously the next R&D target.

We had an independent accountant come in and he told us that we were safe by over $12,000!

However it got worse. I was the sole signing officer for "The Dayton Wright Group Ltd. But when we were Perth
somebody knew that a " Sort of a Tempory Bank Manager had taken over my account. Less Sayers convinced the guy
that he was also a signing officer for the Corporation.

We found out that well over $120,000 had been sold out the back door. To add insult to injury ; the Ontario
Labor Relations Board Threatened to shut us down unless we paid both Jim Dokery and Less Sayers what
they demanded. (However I knew that Sayers father had moved from Montreal and was suppodedly aligned
with the "Montreal Mob"; Bill Orpin told me that he was constantly harassed by an auditor each month attempting
to "prove that Bill wasn't paying enough tax on the pipe whas selling. Everything that Bill was doing had been
checked out by Bill's Auditors.
The harassment was so bad that Bill had to shut down his business and move down to the US. He suspected
that it was his affiliate in Montreal that wanted to shut Bill down and take over his buisness. Bill told us that it was
useless to fight them as they had "Deep Pockets" and somebody could be "injured".

We gave in and began to move up to my old Factory in Righmond Hill. I had been waiting for Captain Developments
to do somthing outrageous and illegal. It took place when they attempted to charge us  for an expansion to the
parking lot.  We had the origonal lease that stated that we had only two parking spaces; so long as we adhered to our
assigned spaces we would never be billed for any expantion. However I had "Regesterd the floor plans of out unit" and
Captain Developments copied my plans.

So it was legal to to move out. I had consuted with my lawer and he suggested mediation. It was useless as
Captain Developments Lawer never showed up. We waited for four more months. So I went up to my old plant. Painted all
the walls, put in a UL Certified Steel Door put in all the carpeting; I made all the needed cabinets ; and within three months we
were able to move. I selected a holiday for moving everything. Contacted the Richmond Hill Police and gave them the list of attempted meeting's and was able to satify them.  I atteched the list of attemped meeting's to our old office door and moved out.

I expected Captain Developments law er to call but all I got was a masty phone call from a "secretary" in his office.

But it didn't happen; so we did not have to worry any more.

I had a bit of a problem with the phone lines as we had several Thornhill numbers, "Ma Bell" refused to move them
without billing us $50 for each telephone line. So we left one of the old numbers connected and had to work
with the new numbers. For four/ nine months customers "adapted" to the new numbers. However, having to pay
extra for the "buried" connection still irked me; I was a very good friend with one of  "Ma Bell's" engineers and
he stated that nomally it is a "one time charge" for  "a buried connection"; at the most I shouldn't be more than
$20.00. But fighting "Ma Bell" was terrible. We wrote to the "CRTC" several times but they were on strike. So
when their strike had been settled for about four months, I began to send them corespondence (including all
of the previous letters. After three months I called the "CRTC" once more and was agin assured that the matter
was being settled. But the "extra" billing never stopped! So every four to eight months I looked-up the
'current contact' in the "CRTC" and sent a letter.

Now it has been twenty four years since my first correspondence without any change!

When do you have to give up?

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