Letter to an infant,

    Here is a thought that has been guidance for my life;

    "What is the greatest gift in life," asked a child? The reply was, "Imagination; for without imagination,
there can be no creativity, and without creativity, there is no need for ethics, and without ethics,
there is no need for inspiration, and without inspiration, what is the meaning of life?"

    This has been a blessing for me, and I wish to extend to you.

        I've received a lot of e-mail relating to my comments on global warming - especially on my reference to the Saturday Evening Post serialization based on the melting of the arctic ice-caps. I should have explained that it was based on "entropy". Entropy is like a one-way street; once taken, you cannot return! I realize that other factors are involved other than 'greenhouse gasses' such as heightened solar activity, neverthess, all we might be able to do, is to moderate things that are under our control.

        Why this is germane to the present situation (re: the Kyoto agreement) is of major concern to many, (including the Sierra Club and Greenpeace), is the increased consumption of energy. Rather than increasing efficiency of our employment of the energy we produce; we reward people and firms who locate sources for the production  of more energy. Even the increased efficiency may not be enough to counteract the amount of exploration as the world economy is now far too dependent on discovering new sources of energy.

        I fail to understand why observers have overlooked a major fact about freshwater; that it lighter than than saltwater. As the amount of cold water from the melting glaciers sink down to the sea-bed, it will increase the pattern current of "major water rivers" in the ocean depths! If the flooding of coastal areas is not of a warning, I would expect that major flooding would be linked to the abnormal pattern of precipitation. Destabilization of the 'normal weather patterns' has major and unforeseen consequences.

       Another problem involving the transportation of oil by using 'supertankers' is corrosion; in this case, accelerated of supercorrosion. Several years ago, 'double hulls' were thought to be the cure. Not so. They seen to reduce the circulation of fresh air - but such air was salt laden, increasing the rate of corrosion! As some of these vessels do not have the proper and required maintenance needed to arrest the corrosion (as the cost of hull maintenance is part of cost cutting) these hulls tend to deteriorate much more rapidly than was expected. Then, the vessel is sold and re-registered (are the maintenance records 'accurate' or have they been 'doctored' to achieve a speedy sale. Are the new owners as scrupulous as the should be? I think not!

        The result is that there is a steady increase in tankers breaking up in heavy seas.

       Yet another problem involves oil. Nobody seems to realize the amount of surface water (above the either the clay or rock barrier) that has to be pumped down into the well to insure that the lower density (lighter) oil can be extracted is mind boggling. Who suffers? Farmers and cattle producers who have less water available. The result is that the cost of farming gets so high that these farms are sold to major corporations who have the ability to drill deeper, and the clout to lobby to get more of the water. Unfortunately, their farming methods require a steadily increasing amount of chemical fertilization to achieve the level of efficiency needed.

        I am very worried about the steady increase in the price of oil. It will eventually cause a steady decrease in the US housing market. President Bush's increase on the import tduty on Canadian lumber will increase the cost of homes in the US. Eventually this will affect the cost of trucks in the US and Canada. The major sales of heavy vehicles such as SUV's and even Trucks will decrease. This wil increase the cost of diesel fuel for trucking.  This might be OK for short trips hauling produce. However 80 to 95% of the food comes in to the market by long distance trucks. As the cost of fuel increases the cost of food has to increase. A problem will occour as the cost of inspection will also increase. The result could be the sudden increase in cases of food poisoning  as more migrant workers are hired. The standards will decrease as the major growers attempt to reduce the wages.

        An equivalent thing will occur to the costs of air transportation as the price for fuel increases.

        This brings up the use of antibiotics and growth enhancing hormones that find their way into our food. The results are now apparent. Sexual maturity comes earlier as well as the 'difficult' or 'terrible-teens'. Of course this gets blamed on "kids will be kids" or the parents or teachers (both of who's rights have eroded steadily). There is MSG in almost all of he kids food; is it any wonder that the use of Ritalin (TM)  is so widespread? the use of Aspartame (TM) as an artificial sweetener is rampant even though some researchers have observed the it man mimic the symptoms of MS or Lupus!

        Canada has to pay some US based companies millions of dollars each year for Canada's banning the import of growth related antibotics. These are in extensive use in the United States in dairy farming, especially in large scale dairy industries. One has to wonder if the export of cattle from the United States might have carried Mad-cow disease into Canada, such as Alberta? The reaction in the US might be a cover-up of what is happening in US. We now see some dieticians claiming that milk causes problems in both children and adults! Are these the consequence of some of the additives administered to dairy cattle?

        We see that too many plant-related bacteria seem to originate in the western US states and the import of "foreign" produce into Canada might be the cause. Lately, there deem to be a massive recall of US meat from factories that cannot be efficiently inspected from a massive lack of funding to hire the needed staff. At the same time, there are massive "cases of pork barrel" allocations that are often well hidden under Supplementary items that have little relation to the bill. Remember the Alaskan Bridge to nowhere?

        Not that Canada hasn't got its own streaks of bureaucratic idiocy. For exanple TC (Transport Canada) took the initative on the mandatory use of 406Mhz ELT's in aircraft wishing to enter Canadian Airspace. after Feburary 2009. A possible problem might exist as the installation has to be done and certified in Canada. So after that date no US aircraft will be able to cross the border unless their 406 Mhz ELT is in place.

        I can hear the protest of US pilots that fly into Canada for recreation!

       Big business opposes the Kyoto agreement, as it requires a steady decrease in the amount of 'greenhouse gasses' from the signatories. Well, wake up! The amount of forests that are being cut,  decrease the amount of oxygen that only the plants can produce. With some countries that thrive on corruption to expand their markets, often bribery can get speedy approval or goods that have things such as lead, banned protein additives, fake drugs, CD's, DVD's, fake software and (more serious) unfumigated wooden pallets that contain insects that can infest trees.

    China is the major culprit! Yet Bush has allowed Chinese companies to invest (take over) unloading facilities in several US ports. Because  there US customs haven't had the funding to increase the needed inspectors to 'vet' the massive amount of containers arriving in the US, an incredible amount of dangerous goods, fake hand bags. drugs, and even the machinery to produce the fake pills get by.  The same is happening in Canada.

       In China, both water and electric power are  in short supply. Soon all major cities will have to face the fact that they are consuming more than they can replace! An example exists in Taiwan where a major chemical manufacturer consumes so much power that they had to build a coal-fired generation plant to sevice the industry. However, this is the worldwide area that is the only domain of the pink dolphins.

       Another emerging problem is in the method that the United States employs to extract methane and 'natural gas' from coal. Often hot water is injected into the coal strata and natural gas is liberated in the process. The problem is that the water is heavily polluted with an assortment of mineral salts and/or sour gas. As the US government owns the mineral rights, the gas companies are granted the rights to 'harvest' the gas. Any person that has used it to farm, raise dairy cattle or ranch, is bypassed.

    Many farms have been in the same family for several generations. As the land was 'sold' by the state, or the provinces most people on the surface have attempted to band together to prevent the Governments from this type of misuse of natural resources. But most of the states involved (as Alberta is in Canada), are more interested in passing laws to allow the gas companies to drill a steadily increasing number of wells to improve the yield. A typical land-owner that was first approached to have, say ten wells on his land soon finds out that the number has increased to twenty; then to sixty or more. In the meantime, the surface of his property has become a 'forest' of access roads, pumping stations and noisy compressors. In time, cows cannot drink the water as the ground water is so contaminated from the lateral leakage, it becomes toxic.

        In Canada, Alberta's premier boasts about the province being debt-free, at the same time the farmers in some areas cannot raise crops because the water table level has been lowered so that oil level can be raised. This water is lost and cannot be replaced! The cost of the energy needed to extract the oil from the tar sands is unbelievably high yet there are more efficient methods of extraction however the US based companies won't pay the added costs.

        Recently, the appropriate minister in Alberta was approached to grant 'experimental' leases for the same type of natural gas extraction.

        Once again the problem is methane which now is emerging as a very serious 'greenhouse gas'! Now some environmentalists are deeply concerned about a catastrophic increase in the rate of global warming. Freon's and CO2 are bad enough, methane can be much worse. There is  an immense quantity of the gas trapped deep in the sea-bed from rotting vegetation. The vapor pressure of methane keeps it in a liquid state. However, should there be a shift either in the polar ice burden or a shift in tectonic activity, a massive upwelling of methane could occur.

        I have become addicted to the collecting of esoteria, not pray God, like the Father in the Wrong Box! However, let me unleash another one. At Harvard University, a smattering of researchers proposed 'The Snowball Effect' on which methane was proposed as a 'trigger'. It is sixty times more efficient than carbon dioxide as a 'greenhouse gas.

        Think of the effect cattle belches and  farts might play in global warming? Could Texas be the center of everything? Could the solution be a simple as giving Alka-Seltzer (TM) and creating an 'anal retentive' psychosis in cattle?

       There have been torrential rains and tornados, especially this year. These are coupled with extreme draught in the western part of both the US and Canada.  In Alberta, Edmonton a major shopping mall, was flooded. The storm was accompanied by heavy hail; part of the glass roof was damaged. The same storm was tracked eastward. As the severity of the storm varied, it was a bit unpredictable. Today, (June 14th, 2004), Peterbourough, Ontario, suffered extreme flooding and there was a possibility of mudslides to the east where the elevation rises. Because of the elevation of the area, it is the location for a major tower.

       People don't seem to make a connection between the amount of severe thunderstorms with the copious rainfall. I am surprised that the radio and TV commentators have not made the connection. The moisture has to come from somewhere doesn't it? At the same time the glaciers are melting and even the polar bears are heading southward because of climatic changes.

       Yet another theory. Much has been made of the Mars landings and the possible evidence of oceans on Mars. What happened to them? Could it be that over eons, the sediment on the bottom accumulated enough compressed methane, that a serious crustal disturbance brought it to the surface (as may have happened in the Bermuda Triangle where vessels were sunk when the release of copious volumes of the gas could not support the craft)?

        The release of a significant amount may have acted as a warning of possible releases of even larger amounts in the future! What could be the outcome? Consider the possibility that a disastrous release of methane could have started a fire-storm; boiled off most of the water, eventually leaving Mars in much of the same condition as we see it today?

        A similar thing may have occurred to our planet many centuries ago. The horrifying possibility might be with the increasing rate of melting of the polar ice-caps, not only will the ocean currents alter course, but the load of ice will decrease to the point that there is an ever increasing activity in the 'ring of fire' areas. This might signify enough alteration in the earth's crust to trigger a sudden increase on the volume of methane released. This might be the cause of the 'seasons without light' where the crops failed. But consider if a much larger release of methane occurred? Might a major portion of Earth's surface have been burned over sometime in the past?

       Because of the shift in weather patterns there is a unnatural amount of forest fires and torrential rains. The East and West coasts are now very vulnerable! I would not be surprised to see flooding of underpasses and even subways!

        I read an item in the newspaper that seems quite appropriate. "The volume of energy we squander is prodigious," writes British MP Michael Meacher, reviewing Paul Roberts' The End of Oil. "US power plants discard more energy in waste heat than Japan's entire  energy requirement. Only 15% the energy in a gallon of petrol ever reaches the wheels of a car, and less than a quarter of the energy used in a standard oven ever reaches the food. It has been calculated that a mere 2.7 miles-per-gallon improvement in the fuel economy of American Cars and light vehicles would be enough to do without the need for oil imports from the Persian Gulf entirely."

       Recently there has been a major panic over 'bird flu' and it has been compared to the 'so called Spanish Flu' epidemic that hit the US about 1917. So called, is the term I use for the reason that at that time, Spain's reporting services were several months ahead of similar US agencies.

       Now, consider when the major foundries in the US began mass production of high carbon steel. Until then it was cast iron that was in use. Even the Titanic was flawed as the 'steel plate' in her hull was too stiff. Most of the foundries were on the shoreline of oceans. But in the US, the Pittsburgh area was the location. For munition grade steel the foundries had to be close to a major river both for unloading of ore, and the shipping out of tanks. The world's navies had to be on the waterfront. Does the amount of carbon in high-carbon steel play a part or could the stuff that has be added as flux the culprit?

        I have often thought about a possible linkage between air pollution levels and viral mutations. A recent study by McMaster University in Ontario made a comparison between mice that were exposed to  'clean' air from a farm well north of Hamilton and an otherwise identical set of mice that were exposed to the air in the steel mill area of Hamilton. The rate of DNA mutations in the in the steel mill area were very high (and bred true to the next generation of mice), while the mice from the farming areas had no DNA alterations.

        The telemers are profgessivly clipped off with age. At one time, we relied on 'spices' - as anti-inflammatory agents. Blueberry, ginger, cinnamon, hot peppers and a host of once exotic imports (when fresh and not 'preserved'), or as legitimate extracts with proper quality control. Might this be the problem? As these things cannot be patented, non of them can be marketed as potenrtial 'cures' because only the drug companies can market them as 'cures' and thereby profit by the sales. One of the undesirable side effects  is that more funds are spent on the promotion than on rhe R&D; which might be the reason for the overgrown lobbying!
        Consider Diet Drinks that employ aspartame as a sweetner for soft drinks. The Toronto School Board insited on including "Diet Pepsi as  a healthy  alternatve to Pepsi Cola. "Even the Canadian Heart and Stoke Foundation" endorses it. But have you heard about "PKU".

       The next is to think about the pollution level in those areas of China that have been linked to SARS, and more recently the spread of 'bird flu' via the migration of birds westward from China. Formerly the SARS virus was carried by 'hosts' from conferences that were held in China, and transmitted by airline passengers to Toronto. Is the next pandemic going to be spread the same way? More and more US corporations are fighting for a share of the market in China. Will the pandemic be spread the same way?

       Why does it seem that a majority of Nuclear Power Plants are located in or adjacent to major Cities. Consider Three Mile Island on the US and Pickering in Canada. Who were the major contractors that were involved? In Canada, Bechtel supplied the boiler tubing for the heat exchanger. Ontario Hydro's specifications were rigorous and they had to rely on the inspection at the manufacturer's facility. Unfortunately these tubes didn't meet the standards and had to be replaced at Ontario Hydro's expense. Some of the engineer's at Ontario Hydro said that the spec's weren't properly followed. Some were dismissed and the remainder got the message. The millions of dollars of  cost overruns stagger the mind.

        Why don't they locate these Nuclear Power Plants in less populated areas where some of the distribution facilities are already there?

       Well, the electorate in Canada seem to fall for the same type of Crap as in the US. Remember the old adage, 'BS beats Brains'. Doesn't anybody understand the term "entropy". This states that everything in the universe gets hotter, unless, you can reverse it to make everything get cooler! Other wise it's a one-way street!

       Quebec and the Canadian Maritime Provinces seem to understand this. That might be why their pissed-off at PM Harper. Robin Williams described Harper as 'the baby Bush'. Big Business generally opposes the Kyoto Protocol. It was signed in Japan because Japan's possessions are close to sea level. The sane thing applies to Quebec and the St. Lawrence Seaway. However Alberta is both far from any coastal area and the possibility of the coastline of Alberta flooding is remote.

       However, 'global warming' is all to real. Consider what could happen in New York City if the water level increased, if a hurricane moved northward up the east coast of the United States, the force of the wind could drive the water up the 'funnel' formed by the Palisades and Long Island. What could the effect be it the water level increased by even ten feet? Then consider what would happen if a water surge causes it rises to  twenty five feet?

       Unfortunately 'Big Business' suffers from the same mentality as 'Big Countries'. Can anyone understand the lack of long range planning that did not understand 'Katrina' and couldn't even learn it's harsh lessons. It is said that 'Big Business' runs by the quarterly price of a companies stock. This seems the reason that things such as 'Enron'  can happen. I have a problem with the 'suits' taking over a major amount of big business where the only concern is the amount of stock they can sell enabling them to take over more businesses. They have the 'clout' to litigate for years until they win by default. As an example what ever happened to the 'Valldez' and the many lawsuits that were lodged?

       Now, the tundra is thawing with the possible release of frozen methane produced by rotting vegetation. Remember that this is a one way street as entropy can't be reversed!

       Another issue of morals - Is it ethical to 'push sugar free' sweeteners, especially when both Canadian and United States Troops are being shipped hundreds of pallet loads of these materials both to Afghanistan and Iraq? Some of the side effects of these substances seem to be 'an initial unconscious motivation to blindly-follow orders' as well as producing a much less discrimination in over-reacting to orders.

    For example, years ago the then head of the FAA attempted to ban the use of Aspartame' by airline pilots. It is it was connected with vision defects and errors in pilots judgment. Unfortunatly, he was dismissed and the US replaced him with another official that would follow orders from the US president. For example, when Ronald Regan was elected president, he replaced the official who was blocking the Food and Drug Administration from approving this sugar free sweetener. However, one of the potential side effects may be an increase in Alzheimer's  disease.

       Another side effect is an increased craving for 'junk' carbohydrates (look at the rates of obesity in children). This class of substances are called Excitotoxins, and the major one is MSG.

       After getting their release from he military, many of these people begin to suffer from what is called "The Gulf War Syndrome". Several of these are obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anger, and the uncaring medical practitioners are only too willing to administer drugs to cure the symptoms rather than the disease. After all, follow the money trail. Who are the major beneficiaries, the top US administration.

    Contrails and their posible side effects. Recently people who take jets an essential part of of their occupation were tested for jet fuel and its by-products in their tissues and blood. Signifiant amounts were present. The identical number of people who have to drive to work had different compositions of toxic dhemicals in their their tissues and blood. A major difference was the amount of lead. this differed in older drivers and was partially traced to the amount if Tetraethyl Lead in gasolene and to the white lead that was used in oil paint as a white pigment.

       Another recent trend seems to have occoured in British Columbia, Canada. Remember the old adage, 'Look for the money trail'. I was, as some people were, about the strike in BC. It was for higher wages for all the people involved in the ports in BC. I had a nagging thought about these types of action by union's. What if one possible concequence was the increased urgency to speed up the backlog of imports (and exports). Might this cause a relaxation  or security?  Then, as I thougt, there might be an increase in crime related to both the manufacture and distribution of illegal  narcotics? There would then follow the need to cash-in on the surplus funds by finacing the export of thw 'stuff' to the United States. There is aready an increase in the amount of BC grown 'pot' to the US. It follows that there would have to be a major increase in all the methods of distribution; even by truck, marine (small craft) - (as used in Quebec and Ontario with cigarettes).

    Then there would be more arrests as more and more people got involved and there had to be more people involved, and more and more leaks and tips. The court system would get overloaded - and more remands and bails granted - and more people realsed because of delays.

    To me, a pattern emerges!

    Recently, accoding to Macleans Magazine, BC has become the Crime Capital of Canada.

    Alberta is the fastest growing province in Canada and is chiding Ontario for not investing more in in the province.  Alberta points to the growth in its economy as the major indication of the fiscal soundness of its planning; totally disregarding the fact that it's still pumping a hell-of-a-lot of water underground to float up the oil. This water is forever lost to agriculture! The amount of energy needed to extract the oil is unbelievable. There are more efficient methods that seem to be more expensive and seem to be more feasable as these can produce much less greenhouse gasses. Why are they ignored. Remember that the Prime Minister of Canada is from Alberta and some of the taxes on fuel, are Federal leaving the other provinces stuck with higher Provincial taxes.

    The scandal re the Canada Geese that landed on a very large and contamiated 'body of aparent water' seemed to be of little concern to Alberta!

        In the US, some the major airports are located next to rivers where barges are used to haul garbage out of the adjacent city; did anyone consider that the garbage might attract birds? Isn't this stupid?

    For years dentists were told that the mercury used in the amalgam was safe, and wouldn't ever cause any amount of neurotoxic side effects. Pulp and paper mills used to kill the mold on sulfide process paper. Many Canadian and US paper mills used it without seeming to care about the downstream effects. Then a Major Fishing Lodge on the English River in Ontario was forced to shut down and relocate in Nothern Manitoba. Minyamata Disease was diagnosed by Japanese doctors and the whitefish caught by the nor-indians could not be sold. But, to these people that had fish as part of their staple diet had little to replace it.

    I have a problem with the suggestion that 20w to 60W Florescent  light bulbs are a safer substitute for incandescent bulbs. They save electricity however they contain a small amount of mercury. Individual bulbs should be isolated against breakage, perhaps by enclosing them in something like a thin polycarbonate overbulb. Because the strength degrades in excessive moisture, the outer layer may require a moisture barrier/coating to ensure that the strength remains stable. At one time the long florescent tubes had a coating that contained beryllium. If these were broken and any cut was exposed to beryllium coating (inside the tube), it wouldn't heal properly unless proper medical treatment was taken. But, in winter time the heat radiated from conventional light bulbs is good whereas in the summer, months it is wasteful.

    I am sure that a type of led 'cluster' might be develped to allow the greater efficiency to be applied to a more diffuse type of illumiation. There ought to be a method of dimming these, without wasting power.
    There is going to be a scandal because of the Sub-prime loans that are being pushed without any thought of whether the person has the means to carry even the intrest. Greed of the 'Suits' has pushed reason and common sense out of the banking industry. There will be too many 'golden handshakes' that will increase the wealth of the overwealthy rich. And, seeing how much the average 'joe' is being paid, there will be an increase in the demand for higher wages. Remember the phrase, 'I'm all right Jack, so screw you!'

    It is ironic that, especially in Canada the richest province, Alberta, is raking in royalties from the development of the tar sands  without seeming to care about the amount of water that is being pumped underground to float the lighter oil upwards. In ten years or less, the once abundant wheatfields of Alberta will be a thing of the past.

     Why did Harper cancel the Gasoline Tax Review Board. Was it because Harper wanted to increase the revenue's in Alberta, at the expence of other provinces. Did he ever consider that it would cause problem's in food distribution, cause problems in manufacturing, sales of automobiles, or doesn't he care that there are other provinces in Canada? I am really enraged about what he has done to the Liberal party in Canada. The use of gas pumps in Canada to attack the Liberal party seems very unethical.

    Harmonized Tax Code Problems:

    There is a very good reason that small business hates this. Small companies donít seem to ever receive bank support unless they pledge most of their personal assets to back their loan. Remember, now you must file a detailed business projection to receive a loan. At one time such loans were based on the character of the person applying for the loan. Not any more!

    A very senior officer of the bank has to rule on the loan. But he is usually far removed from business trends. If there is any glitch in what the customer promised, the loan will be called. Even if 70% is accurate they will always seen to discover a fault, to call the loan.

    This stops R&D in small business and favorersí very large corporations where many R&D projects are running. If one or two fail, it is much less of a concern. Large R&D companies have more Ďon lineí staff that cab be brought to bear to solve a problem.

To return to Harmonized Tax Code, large corporations (and provinces) think that its great as it (in many cases allows them to pre-pay future taxes, and thereby hide their actual profits)! Large corporations have much less (in proportion to allocate on revisions needed to change their software, whereas, as an example mom and pop stores have to spend an average of $2,000 per cash register whenever such a chance is mandated.

    Then condominiums projections have to be altered to fit the mandated cash reserves. When such a tax is in place, the cost of maintenance fees will increase from 5% to the full 13%.

    The worst time to change the system is when money is very tight

    The Canadian banks have increased their interest on credit cards because of the high risk; however  all of the various credit cards and debit cards have done the same.

    At the same time large US and Canadian corporations have insisted on just-in-time delivery, (requiring their suppliers to built up inventory so that JIT) , can function.

There seems to be a very disturbing trend of invoices going astray , perhaps because the higher priced, (and competent), staff were let go, (downsizing is the usual reason).

    At the same time, the, (mainly in the US), the supply futures and the price of the stocks have gone mad.

    Put it down to pure greed, the (Iím all right Jack), business ethic has taken over!

    I think that the price of oil will drop dramatically, even as the common driver doesn't seem to care about the way that he or she drives. Sooner or later the 'big-box' outlets will be facing a crisis of over-stocking at a time when the cost of gasoline will be so high that nobody will be able to drive. Harper seems to been allying himself with President Bush, and Canada will have to share some of the blame!

    I found some serious problems with the the consumption of Water vs Fuel in Different Types of Engines.
Alternatuve Vehicles: They use less protelum,
but producing their fuel guzzles more water.
Gallons of Water Depleted to Travel 100 Miles.

Ethanol vehicle 130 - 6,200

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle 42

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle 24

Gasoline vehicle 4-14

For ethanol made from irrigated corn.
Hydrogen for fuel-cells made by electrolysis of water
made with electricity from standard grid.
Water for hybrids cools local power plants and processes their energy source.
Water is used to extract and refine oil for gasoline.
FROM: Scientific American - Energy VS Water - VOLUME 18 - NUMBER 4, 2008

        A problem about the impending lack of oil might have been solved in the late 1980's. Dick Thomas of Ontario first started to gather peat and dry it out. Then it could be burned as fuel. However as he had several vehicles including one that was powered by a diesel engine. Dick evolved a system. By growing Jerusalem Artichokes in his garden he beleived that when they were mature, he cound grind them up. Then as they contained sugar, he could ferment the mash. The process was exothermic (producing heat), that he could use to heat his house. The by product was high in hydrocarbons and by proper control of the distillaton, he could produce clean diesel fuel. He was able to get the RCMP to grant him a temporary licence. He had dissasembled the diesel engine and cleaned it. Then he reassembled te engine and lubricated and powered it with his fuel. After six months of constant daily he had the engine checked by The Ontario Research Foundation (ORTF). It was very clean.

    Then Dick applied for an extension on his license. After several years, Dick had to abandon his project. As a footnote Richard (Dick) Thomas ran was adviced to run for the premiership of the Ontario party. He is best known for his  support for the Cancer Campaigns on Radio, as his voice was well known!

        Fluorine overload:

        So many effective drugs are made with a flourine component, there arises a concern that because of the presence of  flourine in water, toothpaste and even in unexpected places; any prescription medicine effects might take much longer to dissipate from the body. These drugs that are considered safe as long as the dosage instructions are adhered to, might have serious adverse side effects that could last for over a month or two. Stopping, at the first sign of a underisible side effect does not always work. Testing for drug interaction is usually based on a 'statistical mean' and has built-in flaw.

        A typical example is the promotion of soy based prodocts shuch as Prosoyba for infants; often if 6% of babies are soy intolerant, it takes an experienced pediatric doctor to spot the problem.

        Lacose intolerance is another common problem especially with cats as an example; veterinarians too often percribe cortico-steroids for a sick cat not realizing that cats thrive on yogurt. Most cats are lactose intolerant; remember cats were common in small dairy farms before the 1960's, their task was to clean out the mice.

        Because of the over use of flourine that has found its way into almost everything many doctors rely in 'detail men' whose job it is to 'push' any new drug.

        Conider the TV ads; the cautinary side effects are often worse than the disease. Remember some doctors do not have the free time to read the folder that comes with the sample, let alone worry about any drug reactions from other medications given by another specialist.

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