Sonic Massuage

          This is a new type of chiopractic treatment 'table'. It was designed to harness the lower frequencis to promote relaxation of the muscles.

        The basis for this was having eight ten-inch subwoofers under the wooden slatted top, with a blue impermible covering having a four-inch layer of padding. The blue upholstery would be fixed underneath the thin vented plywood  covering over the ribbed grating. The cavity containg the subwoofers would be filled with about 30 limp plastic bags of SF-6. Around these would be 4" x 6" pieces of 4" fiberglass as filler.

        We tested the table with two 600 watt RMS power amplifiers with a high frequency cut-off of 350 Hz. We were obliged to leave the test room and run the tests remitely. We planned to limit the power amplifiers to 100 watts RMS and lower the crossover frequency to 75 Hz using a three section filter.

        The frame of the table was built of seaoned oak that was dowled, screwed and glued together. We attached padded (adjustable), headrests as are visible in the photos.

MessaugeTable        The black knobs are for the veriticle adjustments of the headrests. We made another model where we made a three stereo speaker headrest system available as a higher priced model.

Another view of the table

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