Model Ten

Eleven Octave Response in
an Evolutionary New Design

Low-Distortion Soft Dome Tweeters
VLR Upper and Lower Mid-Range Dipole Elements
Gas-Linearized-Compliance Woofer System
"Pulse Criteria" Phase Alignment
Third-Order Bessel Crossovers
Post Crossover Phasing Network
Matched Pair System

Based on a new system design by Wm. Wright, these units combine state-of-the-art driver technology with a newly developed non-enclosure based on psychoacoustic considerations, and a Woofer suspension system delivering extended response with low distortion characteristics.

The Watson Model 10s were designed with a goal of smooth response, good efficiency, wide range and a very high degree of "transparency". Many of the conventional arrangements and designs were discarded and a novel arrangement of the driver elements was chosen to secure a phase alignment based on pulse rise time criteria rather than steady state considerations.  The use of a post-crossover-network and constant-amplitude phase-shift networks on the upper-mid to tweeter crossover point allowed a smooth transition to be made from the dipole-element-operating upper-mid drivers, to the pressure coupled dome tweeters.  A single low mid-range driver was employed with a low crossover frequency and the upper range of the Woofer system was designed to transition smoothly through the crossover point without adding "character" to the sound.

By avoiding the use of enclosures from 250 Hz through 6000 Hz, the transparency in the critical mid-range is unexcelled.  Because of the randomizing effect of the "Gas-Linearized-Compliance" system elements, the Low Frequency Enclosure is remarkably aperiodic; the dual woofer units have quite heavy magnet structures yet have a well controlled, not overdamped resonant frequency of 31 Hz in the enclosure; the sealed baffle results in a roll-off rate of 12 dB/8ve below that frequency; when used in room configuration, substantial amounts of power can be radiated even at 15 Hz.
The result is transparency, smooth high frequencies, absence of coloration, and dramatic impact on transients - all the things desired in a loudspeaker system; and at an efficiency which allows satisfyingly loud levels from the average amplifier.
As a superb speaker, it does however place demands upon the associated equipment; distortion or switching notches in power amplifiers will be ruthlessly exposed, mis-tracking - indeed a number of system faults will be revealed.  For this reason we do not recommend the use of the speaker with the lower-cost receivers even though its efficiency would permit it to operate off the amplifiers present in those receivers.

Several trim finishes are available, and may be replaced at the will of the customer should room decor change; without replacing the entire system.
The system is shipped in four separate cartons. The first contains a matched pair of upper units, two more contain the individual woofer systems, the fourth contains the trim for the cabinets which may be attached in minutes.



Note that the distortion curve is based on the adjustment of the speaker input level so that a fundamental level of 90 dB is produced one meter on axis; while this results in a higher apparent distortion level at low frequencies than is usually published we believe it to be the less deceiving of the methods of presentation.


Frequency response:  (in average room 8 feet from speakers): ± 5 dB, 17 to 22,000 Hz @18dB/8ve.

Distortion: (based on 90 dB level at 1 kHz): above 100 Hz under.2%

Crossovers: 250 Hz, 800 Hz, 6000 Hz, 17 kHz @ 18dB/8ve

Sensitivity: 1 Watt = 93 dB

Power Handling Capacity: 200 watts Music

Maximum SPL: (pair 1800 ft 3 room): 117 dB

Size: 47" High X 233/4" Wide X 211/2" Deep each

Weight: 85 lbs. each

Finishes: Standard ,Walnut; optional; Rosewood, Teak, Oak,
                 Lacquered finishes and Natural, Wheat grilles on special order.

Speaker Complement: 1   piezo-ceramic ultra tweeter
                                        2   1" soft dome tweeters .
                                        1    1¼ off-axis driver
                                        2    5" upper mid-range
                                        1    8" low mid-range
                                        2    10" woofers

Warranty: Limited One year parts and labor against manufacturing defects,
                             three year service contract available

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.



Additional photographs of Watson Labs speakers

                         Front view without grill cloth

                        Rear view without grill cloth

                     Crossover network

© 1980 Wright Electroacoustics


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