Model Five


A Standard Setting
Three-Way System

Low Distortion Soft Dome Tweeter

VLR Mid-Range Dipole Element

Gas-Linearized-Compliance Woofer Time Aligned System

Use of an acoustic foam penthouse with a dipole mid-range and soft dome tweeter, together with a wide-range oval low-frequency driver and a generous sized enclosure featuring a gas-linearized compliance system results in wide response and excellent definition.

This three-way system is more conventional in appearance than the Watson Model Seven or Ten, but that's about as far as it goes. It has an unusually smooth low-distortion soft dome tweeter set back from a five inch Bexedrene cone mid-range, both of which are housed in an acoustic foam "penthouse".  A crossover using both first and third order sections is mounted to the rear of the two drivers.  The mid-range unit is operated as a dipole reducing coloration in the critical mid-range frequencies.

For the low-frequency speaker, an oval unit was designed - having a radiating area slightly larger than a ten inch driver, the combination of steep cone sides on the narrow axis with shallow cone angles along the long axis results in excellent control of cone-break-up, but it does not create a resonant cavity; thus the cone can be operated both as a true woofer and as a low mid-range speaker even with a first order crossover element.  The woofer's distortion in the area where cornpliance-control starts to assume importance is reduced by use of the Wright Gas-Linearized-Compliance system.

Because of the more conventional construction, the unit is offered in rosewood or walnut; teak being a special order at extra cost.



Frequency Response:          (in average room 8 feet from speakers) plus/minus  5 dB, 25 to 20,000 Hz.

Distortion, Harmonic:            (based on 90 dB level at 1 kHz): Generally under.35% above 120 Hz

Sensitivity:                               1 watt = 89 dB

Power Handling Capacity:   80 watts music
                                                     Maximum SPL (pair - 1400 ft@ room): 110 dB

Speaker Complement:        1 - 1 " soft dome tweeter
                                                   1 - 5" mid-range
                                                   1 - 9" X 13" woofer

Crossovers:                           800 Hz, 6000 Hz @ 6 dB/8ve except
                                                    tweeter @ 18 dB/8ve

Size:                                         34 1/2" High X 16" Wide X 10" Deep

Weight:                                     38 lbs. each

Finishes:                                  Standard, Walnut; optional, Rosewood;
                                                    special order, Teak.

Warranty:                                 Limited, three years parts and labor against manufacturing defects.

Hear them at:

2711  RENA     ROAD
L4T 3KI - (416) 677-9020

© 1980, 1999 Wright Electroacoustics

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