Well before the beginning of the first World War in Gemany, a group of Jewish buismen were corresponding
with two buismen in Winnipeg. Their mutual intent was to form a consortium that would alllow the legal transfer of
assets in Germany to Winnipeg. The Woodside-Wright group was established and registered. The intent was to either
puchase outright or get a long term option on a prudent amount, that wouldn't cause opposition.

The group eventually contacted Duff Robin (sr), and he gave his assurances that, with his expiating ability there
would not be any problem. On his assurances Woodside and Wright both invesed a very substantial amout of
their personal finances. This amount was added to the German group. Everyting went quite smoothly.

The German Jewish converted their assets and they were transferred to Winnipeg, adding to the combined
Woodside-Wright contriburion. A majority of the optined propery was paid.

Then, when the 'deal' had been completed, Duff Robin (sr) declared the tranaction illegal and purportedly siezed
the assets. Some of these were passed on to members or cohorts, abd some went into Manitoba's Legsiative Buildings.

Both Woodside and Wright lost most of their assets.


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